All Oxford Language School students are required to wear school uniform

This varies for warm and cold weather and students must adhere to seasonal requirements. Our students are our ambassadors and their dress and demeanor make the public feel who we are as a school. Teachers always enforce a dress code and encourage students to be proud of their appearance.
You must wear your uniform every day to attend class. School uniforms must be worn correctly at all times on buses, at school and on field trips (unless special permission has been given). This includes tucking it into your shirt or buttoning your top closed.

After completing physical education classes, students must change into uniforms for the rest of the day.
Students may wear a plain white undershirt under their uniform jacket, but only the neckline may be visible.
Students can wear watches and girls can wear silver or gold studs on each earlobe. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings or studs. No other jewelry may be worn, except for religious purposes.
Hair must always be clean and tidy and must be styled pulled back from the face so as not to prompt comments for any reason. Students with hair longer than shoulder length must always tie it back. Not. If your hair is a natural color that does not stand out and is suitable for a school environment, you can dye your hair. No make-up allowed. This includes manicure.
Black polished shoes are a uniform requirement. A girl can wear ankle her boots in winter. Training shoes, high heels, wedges, open sandals, sling backs, or fashionable shoes are prohibited. Skirt below knee length.